Friday, April 18, 2014

After years of reading New Age material and trying to ‘fix’ herself, a 38-year old woman realises the way out of her deep unhappiness is to find a spiritual path of greater depth offered in the pages of all the books she had so far read. Looking for a meditation-based spiritual practice she is introduced to a man - Peter Wilberg - who has spent a lifetime developing and teaching a radical new understanding of yoga and tantra. He teaches her what he calls ‘The New Yoga of Awareness’. This includes a form of tantra based on the innate sensuality and sexuality of the soul and its body – our ‘body of feeling awareness’ or ‘soul body' - thus allowing them to share many profound, erotic and divinely blissful experience of soul-body intimacy and intercourse of a sort which - unlike New Age 'neo-tantra' - require and involve no form of physical intercourse at all.